The Department of Fine and Performing at Loyola University Chicago houses the disciplines of Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts. We are located primarily in the Mundelein Center for the Fine and Performing Arts on Loyola's north-side Chicago Lakeshore Campus. We accept submissions related to our programs and the Ralph Arnold Gallery,

Thank you for your interest in Loyola University Chicago’s Bachelor of Arts in Dance.

For acceptance into the dance major at Loyola University Chicago, dancers must attend an audition on our Lake Shore Campus in Chicago. If you are unable to attend the primary audition for the major you may submit a video audition and attend a zoom interview. (see instructions in the video audition section below)

Please remember - acceptance to the Dance program is contingent upon acceptance to Loyola University Chicago. For admissions applications and details, click here.

The on-campus audition will take place on Saturday February 5, 2022. Audition Day Schedule:

  • 9:00am: Audition Check-In
  • 9:30am: Welcome Remarks from the DFPA Chairperson
  • 10:15am: Student and Parent Orientation (Dance)
  • 11:00am: Ballet Class
  • 12:15am: Modern Combinations
  • 1:00pm: Dance Majors Q&A Panel
  • 1:30pm: Small Group Interviews

(Schedule subject to change)

Please be sure to wear appropriate dance attire.

You must complete this application in order to be fully registered for Dance Major Auditions.  As part of your application, we request that you submit a solo on video:

  • Solo should two-minutes long and choreographed
  • May be of any technique or style you choose
  • May be composed by the dancer or another choreographer

For audition requirements, please see our website. For Visitor Information, please click here.


Video Auditions

Thank you for your interest in Loyola University Chicago’s Conservatory-Style Bachelor of Arts in Dance. Although we prefer in-person auditions, video auditions for academic year 2022-2023 will be accepted. In addition, applicants must attend a zoom interview session on January 22, 2022.

Please remember - acceptance to the Dance major is contingent upon acceptance to Loyola University Chicago. For admissions applications and details, click here.

Application Requirements:

We ask that your audition video be in two parts:

  • Part A: A 2 minute solo of any choreography of your choice
  • Part B: Ballet foundations
  • In addition to your video audition, the dance faculty determine your alignment with the Dance program’s mission through reading your short essay and interviewing you over zoom on Saturday, January 22nd 11-12:30 (CST) Applicants must pre-register for the interview HERE.

Directions for your video submission:

Your video should be downloaded online and attached to your registration.

Video Instructions:

Solo Composition

  • Please show a two-minute long choreographed solo
  • May be of any technique or style you choose
  • May be composed by the dancer or another choreographer

Ballet Foundations Barre work

  • Pliés in all positions
  • Tendus from 5th position
  • Rond de jambe a terre
  • Fondus with developpe’

Ballet Foundations Center work

  • Tendus with pirouettes en dehors
  • Adagio
  • If possible please include a traveling combination and petit allegro

Please contact the DFPA at with any additional questions. We sincerely look forward to reviewing your application! Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Thank you for your interest in Loyola University Chicago Bachelor's in Fine Arts.

Join us Saturday, February 5, 2022 for our inaugural Fine Arts Portfolio Review and Advising Day for prospective and incoming freshmen for academic year 2022-2023. This event is hosted by the Department of Fine and Performing Arts and will take place on Loyola University Chicago's Lakeshore Campus. 

Please note that Fine Arts majors do not require a separate application for admission. Students interested in declaring a fine arts major can do so once admitted to Loyola University Chicago.  For admissions applications and details, click here.

This event offers undecided and incoming students the opportunity to visit campus, meet with Fine Arts faculty and current students, tour our facilities, get feedback on their portfolio, and receive academic advising prior to Orientation and fall registration, which takes place from June-August.

Schedule of the Day

  • 9:00am - Check-in
  • 9:30am - Welcome from the Department of Fine and Performing Arts Chairperson
  • 9:45am - Fine Arts Info Session
  • 11:00am - Portfolio Reviews and Advising Begin


This application contains two parts: a registration for the event and a portfolio submission.


Please complete the registration portion of the application fully to register for the Portfolio Review and Advising Day. 

Your individual 15-minute review and advising session with a Fine Arts faculty member will be assigned to you in late January and you will be notified with a confirmation email.

Portfolio Submission Requirements:

Please submit 10 pieces of your best and most recent work. Your portfolio should reflect who you are, your interests and passions. It may include drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, video, sculpture, ceramics and/or graphic design. You may concentrate in one media, or a combination of the above.

Files must be JPEG’s or PDF’s. Pieces should be well lit and well documented. Besides submitting your portfolio digitally, you may also bring physical pieces to the event, though optional.

Thank you for your interest in the Music Program at Loyola University Chicago.

Application to the Music Major is a two-part process: an application for admission to the University and an application to audition for the major. If you have not completed the general application, please do so here.

The main audition for the Music Major is on Saturday, February 5, 2022. Auditions will also be held via video, but students are highly encouraged to attend the February 5 audition if possible. Representatives from Admissions and Financial Aid will be in attendance, and tours and an opportunity to meet the music faculty and current students will be more readily available.

All students seeking admission to the Music Major must audition.

Live Audition Schedule

The February 5, 2022 audition schedule is as follows:

9:00am - Check In (Mundelein Center Info Desk)

9:30am - Welcome Remarks from the DFPA Chairperson (Palm Court)

9:45am - Welcome Remarks from the Music Faculty (Music Hall)

10:30am - Auditions Begin (Music Hall)

* Details, including your audition time, will be emailed to you in January 2022.

Scholarship Information

While most scholarships at Loyola University Chicago come directly from the College of Arts and Sciences, the music department does award a few scholarships each year. To be eligible for music scholarships, students must submit their video audition before March 1, 2022. Please visit our scholarship page for more information.

Video Auditions

To submit a video audition: complete this application and then upload a high quality video to YouTube following the repertoire guidelines below. Please submit your video audition any time before April 1, 2022. Once your video is ready for review, simply email the URL to Anthony Molinaro, Director of Music, at As long as your Music Major application is complete, and you have been accepted to the University, you can expect to hear back from us within two weeks.

Audition Repertoire

Voice (including students auditioning for the Vocal Performance or Sacred Music Concentration) - two contrasting songs, with at least one in a foreign language. An accompanist will be provided.

Instrumentalists - two contrasting pieces from the standard repertoire. All instrumental auditions are unaccompanied.

Jazz Studies Concentration

  • Saxophone / Trumpet / Trombone / Piano / Guitar / Vibraphone - Two contrasting pieces from the standard jazz repertoire including a 12-bar blues in F or Bb. Pianists, guitarists, and vibraphonists should demonstrate an ability to play both melodic material and chord voicings. Applicants are welcome to bring play-along tracks (please have your music on a CD or a mobile device with a cord. We will not have bluetooth speakers available).
  • Bass - Applicants should demonstrate an ability to walk a bass line for a 12-bar blues (in the key of Bb or F) and for Bb rhythm changes (the chord progression to “I Got Rhythm”). Please prepare one additional piece of your choice. Applicants are welcome to bring play-along tracks (please have your music on a CD or a mobile device with a cord. We will not have bluetooth speakers available).
  • Drum Set - Applicants should demonstrate basic time-keeping ability in the following styles at a variety of tempos: swing, bossa-nova, straight 8th Latin, rock/funk.


For questions regarding your application or the audition schedule, please contact the DFPA at

Thank you for your interest in the Theatre Program Scholarships at Loyola University Chicago. Please remember: Theatre Scholarships may only be awarded upon acceptance to Loyola University Chicago. For admissions applications and details, click here.

To be considered for the Theatre scholarship at Loyola University Chicago, students must complete this application and attend an in-person audition on our Lake Shore Campus on Saturday, February 5, 2022. Typically this is an all day event from 9am - 4pm. An alternative in-person audition date is available on the evening of Tuesday February 8, 2022.

Our Theatre Program is liberal arts based, values all aspects of theatre, and seeks students with a multiplicity of interests. Your scholarship audition may take the form of:

  • Acting - Acting auditions should consist of 2 contrasting selections totaling 3 minutes. 1 can be a musical selection.
  • Presenting a portion of an academic paper
  • A sit-down interview and portfolio review of design, stage management, or technical theatre experience
  • A combination of the above

Because entry into the major is not contingent upon auditioning, there are no additional audition opportunities, in person or otherwise, beyond Tuesday, February 8.

Students will receive a confirmation email in January 2022 detailing the schedule of the day and other details. Your specific audition time will be given to you upon check in on the day of the audition.

Questions? Check out the Theatre Scholarship Audition FAQ on our website.

The Ralph Arnold Gallery produces four group exhibitions a year and focuses on local and regional artists and curators. Alongside exhibitions, we offer programming opportunities aimed towards Loyola students and the Chicago community at large. We accept submissions from regional curators and local individual artists to be considered for group exhibitions. Curators may not include themselves in exhibition proposals.

Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis and exhibitions are planned a minimum of a year in advance. Proposals are archived for future consideration. 

Second Stage Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, we are now accepting proposals for the Spring 2022.

Proposals Due: November 15th, 2021
Interviews to be scheduled between November 22nd and 23rd via Zoom
Once applications are closed, the Second Stage Committee will review and invite select applicants for an interview. Some applications may be responded in writing only and not an interview.

 As part of this application you will be prompted to submit:

  • A copy of your resume
  • If submitting an application that has an existing text or reference text, please upload an electronic copy of the script with this submission OR email it to the Production Office at by November 6th, 2021.
  • If your project proposal requires resources, please upload a draft budget outlining resources requested.

 NOTE: If you have more than one project idea, please submit separate proposals. There is a three proposal limit for any one student per semester. If you have any questions, please direct them to April Browning at or
LUROP Provost Scholarship
-Students seeking significant funding for conference attendance, specialty technical equipment and/or summer training should strongly consider a LUROP Provost Fellowship proposal. ​For more information: If accepted, a student's LUROP research project could be folded into ​a proposal next year for a Spring Second Stage presentation. Please follow-up with to discuss this opportunity.

Proposal Considerations:
-Proposals should be focused on new learning outcomes.
-Projects that remount a previous production are not encouraged.
-Stronger proposals are ones where the topic or idea is new to the student, where the project can be one that is is a reflection of learning in the time since being at Loyola.
-Material that has been published and the student does not have the rights to at time of application or isn’t in the public domain will not be considered at this time.  Our production capacity does not currently accommodate seeking the rights to material for students. Options may include looking at material in the public domain or developing original materials.
Project Models - to spark your creativity a collection of project models are provided at this link

Spring 2022 Considerations
The exact details of SP22 COVID-19 restrictions cannot be known at the time of this application but we anticipate possible restrictions in the following areas:

  • limited or no ability to invite in a public (beyond university testing community) audience
  • limits on occupancy of rooms and duration of time in rooms
  • masks required at all times
  • increased need for supervision

These anticipated limitations make certain models and modes of projects challenging and others a more intuitive fit.
For the Spring 2022 semester we will continue to consider digital projects for the second stage season as we did in Spring 2021.  We will also consider in person projects but ask for your partnership and creativity in preparing proposals with low participant numbers and formats for presentation that do not rely on a live audience.  Presentation formats to consider are: digital (zoom, podcast, website), asynchronous, paper, or gallery style presentation.

There are a variety of project models that may lend themselves better to a digital presentation including the opportunities for masterclasses with national or international guests. And there may be hybrid models that make great use of our high quality equipment to record radio plays, podcasts, solo performance, or acting for the camera workshops, in which we may be able to support the creation of new student work in our spaces but share that work more broadly on digital platforms.
New models to consider that we think would make for successful and exciting work:
Playwrights Circle - A group of students interested in playwriting meet weekly. Each week it rotates whose turn it is to bring new scenes/acts in to be read. The other writers in the circle serve as the actors. Over the course of 15 weeks of rotations trust, care and depth of peer feedback will develop and deepen amongst this Circle.
Crafting Workshop - A small group of students make use of our shop and studio spaces to make something(s) physical. Regular work hours are established during staff supervised/mentored time. The process could start with online meetings to research and establish concept. The work could be presented publicly for interaction and feedback asynchronously in a gallery style setup in the Newhart Promenade lobby.
        Crafting Workshop examples include:
                  1) Interactive narrative puzzle boxes; props in a container reveal both story and puzzle, piece together the story and solve the puzzle to open the next and continue the story. Three containers provide a beginning, middle, and an end. Audiences could book slots to experience the boxes in small safe groups spaced out over a long presentation period.
                  2) ’exquisite corpse' process with tech theatre skills. Students would work solo or in duos, make something then pass it along to the next student to add to it. IE someone writes something to inspire a start, next person carpenters something, next person sews something for it, next adds a sound design, next adds a special effect or video, last lights it.

LUC Department of Fine and Performing Arts